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Introducing the Rating System and T-Versations

Here at INK, we have been busy these last few weeks. No resting on laurels and such, no sir. With our noses buried in lines of code, we developed a couple new cool features for the site. We hope you will find these features fun and easy to use.

The first new feature is the shiny new Rating System. Now you can rate posted designs in our Marketplace AND see how people like your design (or not so much). Sure you can rate your own design, why wouldn't you? Give that sucker a running start with a solid 5 star rating. This feature will give you an idea of what people like to see (and wear).

We also cracked the seal on a new dialogue system that we coined "T-Versations". So, say you gave a person 5 stars, now tell them why you love it & bought one for your Aunt Beru. Each INK design can have it's own "thread", if you will. Start a dialogue about your own design, perhaps ask for feedback. Start a dialogue with a fellow INKer about their INK and how they go about creating designs. You get the idea.

With the addition of these 2 features, we believe that inktothepeople.com will be a livelier, engaging community for people who love and want T-Shirts as much as we do. 

So head on over to our Marketplace and start talkin' shirt!

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