Design for Good: Stop Bullying

While most kids aren’t exactly thrilled to be going back to homework, tests and sitting in class as the school year starts, for some kids the biggest fears lie in the hallways or on social media where other kids are harassing them. With more exposure on the topic, parents and kids are more aware of the issue but bullying is still happening much too frequently.

Whether you’re a parent, sibling, teacher or entire school that has had to deal with bullying issues, there are plenty of organizations out there that can provide resources and tools to help work through the problems.

Design Inspiration for ideas to Stop Bullying

Rallying together to raise money for an organization that helps create safe school environments is a great reason to design a t-shirt and rally together as a team. The design could even be a school project!

Need some idea starters? Take a look at our Safe Schools Pinterest Board for inspiration. If you need additional design help, we’re here for you - give us a shout (888-862-2775) or drop a note. We can even suggest a few great anti-bullying organizations with which to work.

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