Promoting your campaign

Now that you have created your campaign, it is time to promote it. There are many methods and platforms to help you do this, but here are a few tips for success.


At this point, Facebook is still the leading social network though it is not number one for all ages. Depending on who your target audience is, you will want to make sure you are speaking the same language on the right channel!

When posting to your Facebook page, be sure to add a link to your campaign page which will then bring in the image of your item. You can simply go to your "active" - selling INKs in your dashboard and share using the FB icon. This is the easiest method and don't forget to add a message to your. Tell your friends why you are sharing, and what you want them to do.

Facebook also offers an option to promote your post and you can assign how much you want to spend which determines how many people will potentially see your post. This can work quite well with the right audience. These posts then are driven to the top of your friend's news feed so they don't miss your post. Sometimes it is good to experiment with these options to see what may work best for you. See below for a screen shot of that window:

Another feature of Facebook you can use is Creating an Event. This link: https://www.facebook.com/events/list will begin the process once you "Create" and select the criteria for which you will reach people. You can describe your cause and post pictures of your shirt as well.


Email is a very viable option to reach your friends in a more traditional manner. Simply write a good message including your story behind the cause, a picture of the design, and a link to your campaign for them to purchase. You can use the email function in your dashboard under Active which will also track whether they purchased or not. This is a very nice tool to use.


Twitter is a very effective platform and you normally would want to include a picture of your shirt and a link to your campaign. The rule of thumb is to tweet 2-3 times daily and remember that with this social channel, everything moves very quickly. There is a strong possibility most people will not see your tweet unless they happen to be watching their feed. The more people one follows, the more challenging it could be to reach them. Don't be afraid to try different times of the day as well.

Overall Sales Tracking

INK has a very robust sales reporting system that you can take advantage of from your dashboard. If you use INK's sharing from your dashboard, you can see who has responded from your list. This would be done from the "recipient list" report and if you would like to see overall sales, then choose the "Sales Report" which will break down each buyer and their order. This will show you everyone who has supported your campaign and can be useful at the end if you are interested to say thank you.

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