Pretty Impressive in Pink

Saturday, May 5th

Along banks of Lake Michigan, amidst a sea of compassionate pink, we (and thousands of friends) made strides towards the cure for breast cancer. Even the chilly weather couldn't hinder us or our family & friends. We strolled on, with warmth in our hearts (although that just might have been the strong coffee talking back). Who's to say? One thing is for sure, we walked, strolled & stomped all over breast cancer until it cried "uncle" that day. We put it "in it's place", showed it "who's boss", and so on and so forth.

Hey, can you blame us for being proud of our actions? Our team raised $6,343! Impressive... if we do say so ourselves!

A sincere THANK YOU to all who donated on behalf of our team for this great cause.

Check out some more photos of the event.

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