Pets Like T-Shirts, Too

This past weekend we had the joy and pleasure of participating in our local Wisconsin Humane Society's Tails on the Trail Walk where we met many new four legged friends and told them about what we do.

There are so many reasons to fundraise for a good cause including raising awareness for pet adoption, fostering dogs and cats, animal abuse prevention as well as many more.

Whether it’s creating a t-shirt for a specific event like a walk to raise awareness for dog or cat adoption, or simply designing a t-shirt to sell and help raise funds for your pet or animal related organization, we’re here to help you reach your campaign goals.

What’s more? Pets love t-shirts, too! If you bring home a new puppy and are teaching them to sleep in their kennel - leave your worn t-shirt in there with them. They’ll appreciate your scent, close by and will help comfort them.

The Road to Happiness is Paved with Pawprints. Wisconsin Humane Society

Another way your t-shirt can become your dog or cat’s best friend? Upcycle it into a pet tent! We found a great DIY Cat Tent on Instructables and being the t-shirt and pet lovers that we are, had to share. Follow this link for instructions on creating a cat tent.

Whatever the reason you need a t-shirt, you can get started on your design, here!

PSSST!... If you’re a non-profit and interested in partnering with us for our giving back program, give us a holler! Every month we partner with a non-profit organization and donate 5% of every t-shirt sold on the site to that cause. Learn more or get in touch.

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