Introducing... Me! Jenny B!

There's nothing quite like writing a blog post about yourself... so here goes.

Hi! I'm Jenny and I'm the newest member of the INK team.

I'm a very recent graduate of University of Wisconsin - Madison in Life Sciences Communications and have relocated to Milwaukee to both sell the custom t's and pursue a second degree in graphic design.

Aside from wearing t-shirts, I like to ride and race bikes, read silly books, drink excessive amounts of coffee, do old-lady crafts, and worry about my cats Betty and Walter.

My other skills include eating peanut butter, taking naps, and kicking Todd out of the office.

Here at INK I will be running our social media sites, posting on our blog, putting together monthly newsletters, and aiding Daryl in marketing and customer service.

While my official title is Community Manager, I prefer something along the lines of Social Media/Marketing Monster.

That being said, make sure to keep tabs on our social media platforms. We're on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.

Questions? Want to chat? Shoot me an email or contact us using any of our social sites!

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