Increase your fundraising potential

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Are you a non-profit? Earn an additional 5% every month!

That's right, we will pay you 5% each month for all net sales that are brought through your unique landing page.

What is a landing page? Well, it's a page that we create for you on our site... for FREE! To top it off, we'll even create some templates for your visitors to start their design with. All you have to do is get people to your page to start their design.

For example: Let's say during the month, 10 people started t-shirt campaigns from your page, and their campaigns sold a total of $5000. We will donate $250 to your organization, just like that.

Just think... the campaign designer might also be donating their proceeds to you as well!

What about bulk orders? Well, that is included as well! So if a person places an order of custom t-shirts that they want to distribute themselves, we will donate 5% to you on that as well.

There is no down-side. It's free, it's easy and it gets you more funds automatically, every month!

Want to learn more about this whole "campaign" thing?

Remember, as your supporters use our site to create products online, your organization will receive 5% of net sales each month. If you are a 503-1c non-profit and would like to learn more about our affiliate program, please contact us at 888-862-2775 or email us

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