Gear Up for Race Season!

Dirty Girls in custom t-shirts

As we make our way towards warmer weather, there’s something else besides spring in the air - race season!


Perhaps you’re training for a big marathon with your favorite group of runners, or have formed a team for a local run / walk to support a specific cause close to your heart, or maybe you just want to get a group together to cheer on a runner. Unify your group with t-shirts!


Boston Strong girls in their custom t-shirts on race day


Designing a t-shirt is a great way to unify your team and help raise money toward your goal. Many teams have had great success with t-shirt fundraising - we’ve worked with a variety of groups on everything from Autism Awareness to Progeria Research Foundation, Leukemia, Breast and other Cancer Awareness, as well as many others.


Collectively, charities and groups have raised over $1,000,000 through t-shirt fundraising on Ink to the People. Learn more about getting started, or start designing now, then tell the world!


A team of ladies in their custom t-shirt on race day

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