Fundraising Made Easy with INK

Ink to the People is only a few days old, but there are many different ways to utilize our revolutionary website. Nowadays, everyone needs to fundraise at some point, so we built our site to make the process easy for you.

Raising money is much easier when you don't have to buy your product first and then try to sell it. Many times, if you don't sell everything you bought, your efforts have been diminished with excess inventory and smaller profits to donate. The other annoyance is taking orders, collecting money and finally delivering the items once your program has been completed.

Well, with Ink to the People, all you need to do is design or upload your graphic and place it on one of our 3000+ garment options using our user-friendly Design Tool. Then share it with your own network of people or with the entire world. Heck, you can even do both. Share with your closest friends and family AND reach out to the good people of the world. Leave all of the hassles, such as order taking, money collecting and delivery, to us.

Now it is up to you to give it a go. INK is in BETA but don't let that scare you. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to come across a bug. Share what you found with us so we can keep on making INK a better service for you.

Now stop reading and INK the world!

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