Hello, World

The INK Crew

Nice to meet you.

We are Ink to the People, but since we've been casually introduced, you can call us INK for short.

So what's our story?

It all started back in the olde days, 1990 to be exact. First, let's give that some perspective. That's when the public didn't know what the Internet was because it wasn't available. That's when Apple® released it's revolutionary Macintosh Classic, boasting a maximum 4 megabytes of RAM and a 9 inch monochromatic green display. That's when portable music was limited to ONE CD that bounced around your hip and skipped like a Double Dutch Champion. Ah yes, memories. But that's also when two t-shirt-lovin' gents started a garment decorating company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the next 20 years, they grew their company into an industry leader by employing passionate employees who cared about quality and their customers. They also were early adopters of the latest & greatest technology in the industry.

Today, they continue those trends by launching the Ink to the People website.

While we aren't the first "Design-A-Shirt Online" website, there are a few things that make us different, unique and revolutionary. Sure, you can design a shirt with our user-friendly Design Tool. Sure, you can upload you own art or logo. Other sites do that too. But they don't allow you to design, share & sell your shirts with NO RISK, no upfront costs, no unsold inventory in your basement.

How does it work?

1. Design or upload your graphic. 
2. Choose a garment. 
3. Set a minimum quantity and your price. 
4. Set the duration of the sale. 
5. Share it with the people you want, or share it with the world by posting it in our Marketplace.

The design isn't printed until the minimum (that you set) is reached. If the minimum quantity (or more) is sold by the end of your sale, we print it and ship it to your buyers. Think of it like the GROUPON® of garments. The best part? We line your pockets with your profits! Cha-Ching, baby!

But what happens if your minimum is not met? Well, your sale just expires. That's it. No one pays a dime, not even you because designing & selling is absolutely FREE. No April Foolin'.

"Okay, that's great", you may say, "but what if I just want to place a bulk order and have them shipped to me... none of this sharing business". Well, guess what? We do that too. It's what we affectionately call a "Personal INK". Basically, the process is the same, easier even! Design or upload your graphic, select a garment, select your sizes & quantities. Boom. Done. We print & ship the bulk order to you, your organization, your event, where ever you need it to go. How cool is that?

Just want to shop?

If you have no interest in designing or selling because your strength is in buying custom designed apparel, I invite you to visit the Ink to the People Marketplace where you can shop to your heart's content.

Alright my friend, enough chit-chat, time to kick our tires and do some doughnuts in the virtual parking lot. And hey, let us know how we handle.

It's getting Testy around here

MIAD Illustration Student

Testing 1,2… Is this thing on?

It is? Well then we are officially in (private) Beta!

We've tested it internally. We've had our families test it. We've had our friends test it. Now it's time to take this show on the road. So we yanked off the training wheels and made our way down to the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. As you can imagine, it's a hotbed of burgeoning creative talent. What better place is there to put our site through it's paces? Nowhere, that's where.

We gave them a short demo of the site and then let them take a swing at it. At the end of their class session, they gave us their feedback. It was gold, Jerry. GOLD! We went back to INK HQ and made some modifications based on their testing. The week after, the Illustration class used our site to create, promote & sell their own custom shirts as part of a class assignment. It was a success. Many of the artists put money in their pocket from the sales of their shirts. We like to think that we learned a thing or two as well.

Thank you to Susan Kwas and her gifted Illustration students at MIAD.

Check out some of the photos of the presentation.

Meetings of the Minds

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