Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This week marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. We love fundraising for a cause over here at INK, so we were very excited to see the latest shirt posted in our Marketplace.

Do you have a cause? Want to raise money? It's easy to do with Ink! Just design a shirt, set your price and profit, and share share share!

UWM's Year of the Arts

This year, UWM's Peck School of the Arts celebrates it's 50th anniversary with Year of the Arts.

The college is putting on a number of events, such as artist lectures, free concerts, and open houses at local studios and businesses.

Ink to the People is a proud supporter and partner of Peck's Year of the Arts, and last night had the opportunity to distribute free t-shirts to concert goers, a part of MKE:Unplugged.

We hope everyone enjoyed their complementary t-shirt and concert! We certainly had a blast!

Baltimore Honors Scunny Through Fundraising

In response to the unexpected death of Baltimore's Patrick 'Scunny' McCusker, the Canton community banded together to support Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation, a favorite of McCusker.

Believe in Tomorrow provides hospital services and respite housing options to critically ill children and their families.

Scunny owned Nacho Mama's, a Tex Mex restaurant located in Canton since 1994. He was known in his community for his philanthropic efforts, his big personality, and for transforming the Canton neighborhood into what it is today, many naming him the 'Mayor' of Canton.

Through t-shirt sales on Ink to the People, over $500 was raised for Scunny's favorite charity.

Thank you to those who supported this wonderful cause in the face of charity.

Ink to the People Annual Picnic!

This Saturday, INK and our parent company, Visual Impressions, hosted our annual picnic.

Look at all the fun we had! Perfect weather, delicious food, outstanding company!

Introducing... Me! Jenny B!

There's nothing quite like writing a blog post about yourself... so here goes.

Hi! I'm Jenny and I'm the newest member of the INK team.

I'm a very recent graduate of University of Wisconsin - Madison in Life Sciences Communications and have relocated to Milwaukee to both sell the custom t's and pursue a second degree in graphic design.

Aside from wearing t-shirts, I like to ride and race bikes, read silly books, drink excessive amounts of coffee, do old-lady crafts, and worry about my cats Betty and Walter.

My other skills include eating peanut butter, taking naps, and kicking Todd out of the office.

Here at INK I will be running our social media sites, posting on our blog, putting together monthly newsletters, and aiding Daryl in marketing and customer service.

While my official title is Community Manager, I prefer something along the lines of Social Media/Marketing Monster.

That being said, make sure to keep tabs on our social media platforms. We're on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.

Questions? Want to chat? Shoot me an email or contact us using any of our social sites!

Bolting in the office

Daryl is really excited about INK.

The Color Run and Color Me Rad t-shirt ideas

The latest trend in the running world is an interesting one. In The Color Run and Color Me Rad events, volunteers line the course, rewarding every finished kilometer by throwing handfuls of dyed cornstarch on you. Seriously.

It actually looks really fun.

Running as a team? Need t-shirt ideas? Check out our Color Run templates under Events & Parties to see a few designs! http://inktothepeople.com/design-tool?startmode=template

Template Color Run

Now remember, wear white so you look especially colorful at the end! And the dyed cornstarch doesn't stain, so you'll be able to hold on to your Color Run shirt for years after the race!

Happy running!

Colorado Wildfire Disaster Relief

When news hit of damages caused by Colorado’s wildfires, the Ink team was motivated into action. We quickly put together a design, a video, and a goal to sell at least 100 shirts.

At $10 per shirt and 100% of sales going toward the effort, Ink to the People proudly hit our goal on the dot, raising $1000 for the American Red Cross.

Thank you to those who purchased, shared, and supported this cause!

Interested in fundraising? Check out our post on charity t-shirts.

10 T-shirts + Tips for Seniors Class of 2013

Seniors! Celebrate your final year with class t-shirts. Need ideas? Here are our top 10 slogan ideas for the graduating class of 2013.

  1. 2+0+1=3 The only class that adds up! Class of 2013
  2. Class of 2013. Like a 13OSS
  3. Class of 2013... too cool for the apocalypse
  4. Fine, Fresh & F13RCE
  5. 2013: Tough enough to survive the end of the world
  6. So Fresh and So Clean, We’re the class of 2013
  7. To the end of the world and beyond! Class of 2013
  8. Class of ‘13 here... and your luck just ran out
  9. There’s no luck to it, we’re just that good! Class of 2013
  10. Senior Year: 13RING IT ON

A few design tips:

  • To make your 13 look more ‘B’-like, make sure to choose a font with letters close together that also offers a more rounded 3. Try out Curlmudgeon, Fortune wheel, Headline, Chinese Rocks, Aristotle Punk, Hallandale Stencil, or Cairo
  • Conversely, for a more 'E'-like 3, find something maybe a little more geometric. For example: Olivers Barney, Alien League, or Action Jackson
  • If you’re fixed on a font, but they are still too far apart, try increasing the outline width to fill in a little space

Click here to start your designs and GOOD LUCK :)

Talkin' Shirt

Introducing the Rating System and T-Versations

Here at INK, we have been busy these last few weeks. No resting on laurels and such, no sir. With our noses buried in lines of code, we developed a couple new cool features for the site. We hope you will find these features fun and easy to use.

The first new feature is the shiny new Rating System. Now you can rate posted designs in our Marketplace AND see how people like your design (or not so much). Sure you can rate your own design, why wouldn't you? Give that sucker a running start with a solid 5 star rating. This feature will give you an idea of what people like to see (and wear).

We also cracked the seal on a new dialogue system that we coined "T-Versations". So, say you gave a person 5 stars, now tell them why you love it & bought one for your Aunt Beru. Each INK design can have it's own "thread", if you will. Start a dialogue about your own design, perhaps ask for feedback. Start a dialogue with a fellow INKer about their INK and how they go about creating designs. You get the idea.

With the addition of these 2 features, we believe that inktothepeople.com will be a livelier, engaging community for people who love and want T-Shirts as much as we do. 

So head on over to our Marketplace and start talkin' shirt!

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