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Infographic: More than just a T-Shirt

We're here to help you make a difference. The t-shirts sold on Ink to the People mean more than just a t-shirt sale - they mean support for sick or injured friends and family, rescue animals and shelters and a slew of other causes that are close to your heart.

We've created an infographic to help illustrate just what the money raised by our t-shirt sellers means to their communities and supporters. Take a look!

Infographic | More than just a t-shirt by InktothePeople.com

We're honored to work with the countless people who have contributed to helping others and making a difference, one t-shirt at a time.

Back to School They Go!

The World is our Classroom | Back to School Inspiration

As the days of summer dwindle and parents gear up (and can’t wait?) for the kids to head back to school, it seems that fundraising for a variety of school related needs always seem to follow close behind.

No matter the age - elementary, middle school or high school - there’s always a need to raise funds. Instead of some of the standard school fundraiser options such as wrapping paper or subscription sales, food sales or car washes, a t-shirt and apparel sale is a creative alternative for raising dollars for school needs.

Back to School T-Shirt Ideas and Inspiration

Need some idea starters? Here are just a few ways in which schools can use a t-shirt sale to raise funds:

  1. Class, Team and Club T-Shirts - Raise money for a class trip, for new sports or band equipment, to pay for an entry fee in a competition or cover costs for a drama production, and more.
  2. School Fundraisers - An all-school fundraiser to help keep overall school costs down.
  3. Class Projects - Whether the art class is working on a graphic design or apparel segment or the economics class is learning about supply, demand and marketing, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from a t-shirt sale project.
  4. Field Trips - Raise funds to cover the cost of a trip, or simply have all the kids wear the same shirt or sweatshirt so that chaperones know who is in the group at the next field trip to the zoo.
  5. Doing Good - Perhaps your child decides to raise money to help an organization or a person in need as part of a project, or a fellow student or their family is going through a tough time.

How would a t-shirt sale help raise funds for your school community? We’d love to see your designs and see how you rally your school. And remember to share your sale with your community - the more people that know about it, the more you’ll succeed!

It's Back to School They Go

Find more inspiration on Ink to the People's School Days Pinterest Board.

Need help? We’re here to help your sale succeed. Give us a call (888-862-2775) or send us an email to learn more and to have your questions answered.

August 2014 Giving Back: The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee

This month's cause: The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee


Giving Back Program | August recipient is the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwuakee

As we enter August and savor the last days of summer before the kids go back to school, we're giving back to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee.

Here's a little bit about the Boys & Girls Club:

Children have been coming to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee since 1887, when Annabell Cook Whitcomb transformed two basement rooms at Plymouth Church in downtown Milwaukee into a Club for boys.

Today, they are the oldest and largest youth-serving agency in the city. Everyday, thousands of Milwaukee's most disadvantaged youth stream through their doors and meet positive role models, feel safe and secure, and participate in life-changing programming.

Their mission is simple: to inspire and empower all young people, especially those who need them most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

For more information about the organization, please visit boysgirlsclubs.org.

How our Giving Back Program works:

Each month, INK donates 10¢ of every single shirt that is sold through the site toward a monthly featured cause. Since October 2013, we have donated over $5,500.00 to various causes through our Giving Back Program.