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Crowdfund for Good

Chris Dobens and Nick Reynolds, creators of the original Boston Strong t-shirt phrase, made this video for Ink to the People. In it, they explain their process of fundraising through t-shirt sales and encourage you to do the same.

Watch the quick video then get started!

Thanks, guys, for contributing!

Forced Family Fun with Flair

Summer is the season for family reunions. Whether it’s an annual event or your family meets every few years, reunions are a great way (for most of the family) to catch up and reconnect. If you’re like some of our families at Ink to the People, there might also be a little friendly competition to help keep sisters, brothers, cousins on their toes.

People having fun at a family reunion

What better way to come together, have some fun and bond with your relatives than over a game of capture the flag or “Reunion Olympics”? Mix your extended family into teams (or each family is a team?) and let the games begin! Here’s a little inspiration for changing the game at your next family reunion:

  • A big game of Capture the Flag.
  • Reunion Olympic Games that might include opening ceremonies, eating contests, 2-legged races, canoe races, egg and spoon competition, water balloon tosses and more. Use the Olympic colors to designate teams.
  • Softball, Touch Football, Bowling or Volleyball Tournaments.
  • Card Game Tournament. Family Trivia Game.
  • The Amazing Race - Family Reunion Edition.

Family reunion custom team t-shirts

Even better? Make team shirts! Create one reunion design, pick teams and assign different colors for your teams and send out to the family ahead of time so everyone is ready to go when they arrive for the family reunion.

Need design inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Boards for ideas.

Gear Up for Race Season!

Dirty Girls in custom t-shirts

As we make our way towards warmer weather, there’s something else besides spring in the air - race season!


Perhaps you’re training for a big marathon with your favorite group of runners, or have formed a team for a local run / walk to support a specific cause close to your heart, or maybe you just want to get a group together to cheer on a runner. Unify your group with t-shirts!


Boston Strong girls in their custom t-shirts on race day


Designing a t-shirt is a great way to unify your team and help raise money toward your goal. Many teams have had great success with t-shirt fundraising - we’ve worked with a variety of groups on everything from Autism Awareness to Progeria Research Foundation, Leukemia, Breast and other Cancer Awareness, as well as many others.


Collectively, charities and groups have raised over $1,000,000 through t-shirt fundraising on Ink to the People. Learn more about getting started, or start designing now, then tell the world!


A team of ladies in their custom t-shirt on race day

Giving Back Program - April 2014

This month's cause: Autism Speaks

Update: The numbers are in. We have raised $936.30 for Autism Speaks!

Autism Speaks - Light it up blue photo

April is Autism awareness month and April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

From the Autism Speaks website:

Autism Speaks seeks to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. we are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into causes, prevention, treatments and a possible cure for autism. We strive to raise public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families and society: and we work to bring hope to all who deal with hardships of this disorder. We are committed to raising the funds necessary to support these goals.

Ink to the People is proud to help contribute and amplify their voice on autism.

For more information on Autism Speaks, please visit autismspeaks.org.

How our Giving Back Program works:

Each month, INK donates 10¢ of every single shirt that is sold through the site toward a monthly featured cause. Since October 2013, we have donated over $3,000.00 to various causes through our Giving Back Program.