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Boston :: Stronger than Ever

Almost a year ago, the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon sparked an outpouring of strength, helping hands and fundraising.

Boston Strong nears one million dollars in fundraising for the One Fund

One such fundraising effort was undertaken by three Emerson College students in Boston who didn’t want to just stand by but contribute to the recovery of those affected by the bombings. As the smoke settled from the havoc, Nick Reynolds, Chris Dobens and Lane Brenner found Ink to the People and designed a blue t-shirt with the words “Boston Strong” in yellow across the front. They hoped to sell a few shirts to friends and donate the proceeds to whatever fund would be supporting the victims. You can read about the next few whirlwind days, here.

The One Fund was founded to do just that - help the victims of the bombings to support them financially immediately following that fateful day, and long term - for those that have had to make lifestyle changes from loss of limb or other injuries.

Boston Strong campaign check presentation

Fast forward to today - just a few short weeks from the 2014 Boston Marathon and the Boston Strong t-shirt and fundraising efforts have raised nearly $1 Million for The One Fund!

Marathon custom t-shirt design starters

Even though the Boston Strong t-shirt is still available, you can support The One Fund with a t-shirt design of your own. On top of the funds you raise, Ink to the People will donate an additional 5% of sales to the One Fund. Ready, get set, go!

Wear it on marathon day, whether you’re running, cheering on runners or watching from home.

Thank you for helping us support this great cause!

Giving Back Program - March 2014

This month's cause: American Cancer Society - Making Strides

Update: The numbers are in. We have raised $500 for American Cancer Society!

American Cancer Society - Making Strides

From the ACS website:

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (MSABC) is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation, uniting more than 300 communities to finish the fight. Every breast cancer walk and event is an incredible and inspiring opportunity to honor those who have battled breast cancer, raise awareness about what we can do to reduce our breast cancer risk, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease with research, information, services, and access to mammograms for women who need them.

Ink to the People is proud to help contribute to their mission.

Learn more about Making Strides

How our Giving Back Program works:

Each month, INK donates 10¢ of every single shirt that is sold through the site toward a monthly featured cause. Since October 2013, we have donated over $2,500.00 to various causes through our Giving Back Program.