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It's also Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month | Design a Shirt and Give Back to this important cause

While Breast Cancer Awareness gets quite a bit of funding, hype and exposure, especially during its "official" month of October, there are many other important issues that need funding and affect thousands, if not millions.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month | #SeeDV Badge

Unfortunately, one issue and cause that unfortunately seems to still be a major problem, and getting a lot of press lately due to NFL players and celebrities speaking out, is Domestic Violence.

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness month. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, with the push for gender equality, human rights and womens' strong role in society, it is estimated that 25% of women experience domestic abuse.*

Whether you have been a victim or know someone who needs help, this cause continues to need attention. Doing just a little bit to help organizations that fight domestic violence by desiging and selling t-shirts or perhaps organizing a team shirt for a walk/race can help give back and bring more awareness to this terrible, ongoing issue. Every little bit helps!

Great organizations that can use your help include the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, NoMore.org as well as this great list of domestic violence awareness organizations (and article).

And, if you find yourself needing help for a domestic violence issue, please, please call: 1.800.799.SAFE (7223).

*Source: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Halloween Costume T-Shirt Ideas

Halloween Costume T-Shirt Ideas | Pumpkin, Skeleton, Ghost

It's not too late to get your group Halloween costume together! And even better? Put it on a t-shirt that does good by giving back. Need some INKspiration? Check out our Trick-or-Treat Pinterest Board for ideas.

There are a lot of great costume ideas that can be super easy to execute. Anything from the simple pumpkin patch to a gaggle of "Where's Waldos" or as the entire crew of Pacman ghosts, chasing Pacman and Miss Pacman.

Halloween t-Shirt Costume Ides | Pacman

The silver lining? Every shirt sold on InkToThePeople.com gives back to a great Halloween-themed cause in October. This month, we're giving 10 cents of every shirt sold on the site to UNICEF's Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program which provides much need funds to children worldwide for programs such as vaccinations, food, clean water and more.

By simply desiging and buying/selling t-shirts on Ink to the People, you're helping to make the world better, Halloween-themed or not.

BUT - if you decide to get your Halloween group costume together and design a t-shirt for it, do it soon! Halloween is just around the bend and we want to ensure your shirt goes to print and is delivered in plenty of time.

Questions? Drop us a line or shoot us an email. 1-888-862-2775 or hello[at]inktothepeople.com.

Breast Cancer Awareness Design Ideas

Breast Cancer Awareness Month T-Shirt Design Inspiration

If you're among the millions that have had or been affected by Breast Cancer, you're most likely aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

While there are plenty of walks, races, fundraisers and other events that help raise awareness and funds for a cure for Breast Cancer, perhaps you want to do just a little more.

Rosie the Ribboner Tote Bag Design | Breast Cancer Awareness design ideas

If you're participating in a race, maybe you want your team to stand out with specially designed, customized shirts, or perhaps you simply want to do your part in raising money through an online crowdfunding effort. That's where we can help. Design and sell t-shirts, totes or other apparel to do your part to help eradicate Breast Cancer.

We've put together design inspiration on our Pinterest board, INKspiration: Breast Cancer Awareness, for ideas and inspiration for t-shirt, tank top, bib, onesie and pet apparel ideas.

Courage. Strength. Hope. Ideas for t-shirt design for breast cancer awareness month.

Need help? Our designer and customer service are always just an email or phone call (888-862-2775) away. And here's where you can learn more, or...

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October 2014 Giving Back: UNICEF

This month's cause: Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF


Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Since 1950, UNICEF has been helping kids who need more than candy during the season of Halloween. We're doing our part this year by giving back in two ways. During the month of October through our Giving Back program, we are donating 10 cents of every shirt sold on InkToThePeople.com to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, but we've also created a series of Halloween themed shirts.

Trick or Treat for Unicef

If you buy one of our fun Halloween t-shirts or trick-or-treat tote bags (and dog t-shirts, too!), we'll donate $8.00 of each Halloween-themed item purchased to UNICEF. Wearing a shirt or carrying a tote filled with candy helps drive awareness for UNICEF's annual Trick-or-Treat program.

The Halloween t-shirts, tote bags and pet t-shirts are only available through October 10, 2014 to ensure you receive your order before trick-or-treating begins!

Here's how the funds for Trick-orTreat for UNICEF are used (from their website):

  • $1 - Gives a child 40 days of safe, clean drinking water.
  • $5 - Feeds a malnourished childe for 5 days.
  • $10 - Provides vaccinations for 280 children.
  • $100 - Protects 100 kids from malaria.
  • $500 - Installs a water pump to serve a whole village.

Learn more about the Trick-or-Treat program and how you can do your part, here.

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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF t-shirts | Buy now

How our Giving Back Program works:

Each month, INK donates 10¢ of every single shirt that is sold through the site toward a monthly featured cause. Since October 2013, we have donated over $6,500.00 to various causes through our Giving Back Program.