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Boston Strong campaign raises $893,940 for One Fund

Boston Strong campaign check presentation

Last Tuesday was a big day in Boston. The creators of the original Boston Strong campaign (Nick Reynolds, Lane Brenner and Chris Dobens) presented a donation check to Boston Mayor Menino for the One Fund. Founders of Ink to the People (Jay Berman and Todd Richheimer) also attended the event. The total amount of proceeds donated was $893,940... a truly generous and inspiring response by wonderful people around the world. This moment of pride is for them. THANK YOU!

Meet the minds behind the original campaign

Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings, Emerson College students, Nicholas Reynolds and Chris Dobens, needed to do something about it. So that evening, they created the phrase "Boston Strong", designed the art and then posted a custom t-shirt campaign on our website. Their friend and schoolmate, Lane Brenner, joined them a short time later. Using their marketing, communications and film education, they utilized a variety of social media networks to get the word out. It went viral. Local news channels caught on, and not long after, national news did too. They did interviews, they created a facebook page, they posted YouTube videos. They put in a lot of work but the team couldn't have imagined the response they were about to get. They hoped they would sell about 100 shirts... well they sold a total of 59,096 shirts. AMAZING!

Check out their facebook page to see how they did it.

They will be reposting the shirt soon, so let us know if you are interested in ordering more. We will send you an email when the item becomes available again.

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To show our appreciation of the Boston Strong campaign, we are offering 25% OFF your next custom t-shirt order. Simply use the promo code SOLSTICE25 when checking out. (Minimum $30 purchase. Offer expires 6/30/13.)

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Putting Custom T-Shirt Creation Tools In Your Hands

Ink to the People custom t-shirt design tool in action

Ink to the People gives you the tools for your custom t-shirt and apparel needs. Whether you just want to place an order for a bunch of t-shirts for your group or team - OR - if you want to fundraise for your cause, we've got your back covered (with cotton).


Create a custom t-shirt design with our easy-to-use online tool then proceed to our wizard. The wizard is where you decide which route you wish to take:

1. Bulk Order: is your custom t-shirt order printed and delivered to you OR

2. Crowdfund: post your t-shirt design and market it to your group. Set a sales goal, price and time limit. Your buyers visit the url of your custom t-shirt design to place their order. Once the sales goal has been met and the sale closes, we go into production and ship the orders out to your buyers. When everything is done, we send you a check of your profits. It doesn't cost you anything. SWEET!


Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. Make sure you have a good t-shirt design, a clear message, and a passionate following of supporters. You will need to remind them to buy while the sale is active. NOTE: If you don't meet your goal before time expires on your sale, ALL ORDERS ARE CANCELLED AND REFUNDED. So it is important to spread the word, have your group spread the word.


In the t-shirt design description field, explain why you are doing this, who it benefits, and what your goal is.

Often, a good cause is near and dear to many people's hearts and they will support your sale. It is always nice to receive something (like a nicely designed custom t-shirt) in exchange for support. They want to show their support for a good cause.

So [ GET STARTED ON YOUR CUSTOM T-SHIRTS ] for your group, org, charity, team, band, reunion, business, etc.