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Turkey Day Tees!

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already one short month away. Wasn't it just summer? Why are the leaves turning strange colors? Why is the wind blowing and why in the world is it so cold? I don't like this!

I digress..

On the day our great country celebrates the great American Food Coma, you should be cool and match all your favorite relatives in a family t-shirt.

Whether you just gather your loved ones, participate in a charity run or play a friendly game of touch football in the backyard, Ink to the People can supply the perfect custom t-shirt for you! Because matching t-shirts are fun.

Interested in doing a local charity run? Check out Running in the USA to find something close by!

Empty Bowls Milwaukee Fundraising Event

This past Saturday, a few INK staffers were fortunate to attend and support a wonderful community fundraising event.

Empty Bowls is an annual Milwaukee event in support of area food pantries. The group sells donated, hand-crafted and painted bowls to adults and children at $20 and $10, respectively. Buyers then enter soup lines supplied by local restaurants.

In addition to supporting the cause, patrons experience the reality of waiting in line for a bowl of soup.

Unsurprisingly, the event was a huge success raising over $51,000!

It felt great to support Milwaukee's local food pantries and I very much look forward to getting more involved with next year's event.

I extend my congratulations to all involved.


Todd R.

How We're Different

How We're Different Image

Sure, there are a lot of design-your-own custom t-shirt sites out there such as CustomInk and Blue Cotton. They all do the same thing. You create a design, put it on a shirt, place your bulk order and they ship it to you. (Yes, we do that, too).

But what if I said that you can make money selling your own custom shirts and not have to worry about storing inventory, collecting payments or distributing goods? What if I said it was all FREE? Crazy awesome, right? Well, that's how we're different from the rest.

Want to know more? You can watch our video or continue reading.

So, here's how it works. Once you are done designing, you save and proceed to the INK Wizard. You will have 3 options to choose from. Select the one that applies to your needs. If you wanted to do what I was talking about above, then select the third option (PUBLIC).

You will be asked about pricing. What you do is enter a minimum quantity. This is the number of sales that you will need to reach before your sale ends (your end date is determined by you as well). If you reach that number, we print your shirts, ship them directly to your buyers and give you your profits (more on profits later). If your sale does NOT reach that minimum number, all orders are canceled. No one pays a thing, but no one gets their shirts either. No harm, no foul. You can always revise your settings and repost after that.

Once you enter your minimum quantity, you will be shown a base cost per item. Use that number as a guide when determining how much to sell your shirts for. Enter your selling price and your potential profit will be calculated. For example, if you put in a minimum of 24 pieces. we may give you a base cost of $10 per shirt. You could decide to sell your shirts for $20 each, producing a $10 profit per shirt. If you sold at least your minimum of 24, let's say you sold 30 shirts, we would pay you $300. Then we print your shirts and ship them to your buyers. All for FREE!

Okay, back to the INK Wizard. As I mentioned earlier, you will select a deadline date. This is when your pre-order sale would end. You can select up to 3 weeks, currently.

Before submitting your design, you can select a variety of ways to share your sale. You know, get the word out. Then click submit. Your design is live.

There are so many ways to use this feature. Say you want to fundraise for a charity or your team. Or promote your student org, club or Greek house. You can sell shirts for your rock band. Maybe you have a family reunion coming up and you want your family members to choose their own size, pay for their own and get their shirts delivered to their house so that they can wear them to the reunion. Or maybe you are an artist with a cool design idea. You get the picture.

Start your design today, it's FREE!

Top 25 T-Shirt Costumes

We here at INK love Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the horror movie marathons. It’s pretty much the best holiday, if you ask us.

So, what would make more sense than gathering our favorite t-shirt costumes in a fun and entertaining list?

In the spirit of sharing, we’ve compiled an incredibly biased collection of the 25 best t-shirt costumes found around the internet.

Did we miss any? Show us your favorite or create your own on Ink to the People.



A name that can't get any more masculine. And he has the nipples to prove it.



Dr. Who

Yes, that IS a t-shirt.



Rick from The Walking Dead

This one is not that recognizable, so be prepared to answer some questions. Shoot first, answer questions later.



Mighty Mouse

I had no idea that Mighty Mouse had such a cute figure.



Wonder Woman

Anyone else think this was a costume for the WWF (World Wrestling Federation)?




This one is a staple in American culture. Just steer clear from pretty green crystals.




So cool, he can pull off wearing a fanny pack.



The Incredible Hulk

Can also double as your "Leprechaun on Steroids" St. Patrick's Day outfit.




Perfect costume for all of those "husky" boys out there. Their favorite candy bar is "Chunky". I'll stop now.



The Joker

This one is always cool. You get bonus points if you can get a friend to go as Batman.



Sponge Bob

More like Sponge Bob Squareshirt. See what I did there? You're welcome.



Ferris Bueller

2 in 1. This also doubles as Abe Froman aka The Sausage King of Chicago.




"Does whatever a spider can"? So you put this on and hang out in my bath tub because you can't crawl up the slippery sides.



Fred Flintstone

About as unfunny as Scooby Doo. Still watched it like crazy, though.



Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory

((trick * x / y) + (z - treat)) = BAZINGA!



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

If your costume gets wrinkled, you can always go as an Elderly Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yeah, I'm so clever.



The Hangover

Whatever. BabyBjorns are the invention of the century in my book. Thank you, Sweden.




This is a tough one because if you can't do the vocalization, the illusion is ruined.



Elf - The Movie

If you love Will Ferrell that much to wear this, I feel for you. I really do.



Data from The Goonies

No, this isn't Inspector Gadget. This is Short Round turned prodigy inventor.



Lumbergh from Office Space

“Um yeah. We have a little problem here. If you could go ahead and come in on Halloween, that would be great. mm-kay?!”



Dr. Venkman from Ghostbusters

There was a whole lot of "sliming" going on in the 80's. You had Ghostbusters and what was the name of that show on Nickelodeon?



Charlie Brown

Good grief, make sure to practice your line... "I got a rock".



Duff Man

Now it would be totally acceptable to thrust at everyone at the Halloween Party. Okay, it is never acceptable, just wrong and creepy.



Darth Vader

"What's this? A Charleston Chew!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


A Bit of Advice...

Designing t-shirts can be overwhelming. Generally, we have a lot to say and not a whole lot of space to say it.

Cutting information can be tough.

In the words of our favorite fictional ad man, "Make it simple, but significant"

If you're struggling to envision your upcoming t-shirt masterpiece, head over to our design tool to see how things look. If you still have too much text for your tee, flip it over and add text on the back!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This week marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. We love fundraising for a cause over here at INK, so we were very excited to see the latest shirt posted in our Marketplace.

Do you have a cause? Want to raise money? It's easy to do with Ink! Just design a shirt, set your price and profit, and share share share!