Baseball T-Shirts for the Win!

Baseball T-Shirt Fundraising and Tailgating Ideas

Baseball season is in full swing and as the weather continues to warm, there will be plenty of reasons to catch a game, fire up the grill for tailgating and getting together with friends.

There are a lot of excuses for throwing a fun tailgate party - whether you’re reuniting with your closest college friends, your family throws one annually as a reunion, or even throwing a charity fundraising tailgate.

Whether you're raising funds for a non-profit charity that is close to your heart, or for a friend or family member in need of a little help or support, you can make the party a little more memorable and special, and unify your group, by designing a t-shirt for the party. (pssst - it can also help you raise extra funds for the charity!)

You might even wrap the entire fee into the t-shirt purchase. For example:

"$30 gets you your t-shirt plus free beer and brats at the tailgate! All proceeds will go towards the ALS Association’s Greater Philadelphia Chapter! Wear your shirt to the tailgate and find us at Lot D, look for the big red bus!"

BUT - if you're not planning a big tailgate party, here are a few other ideas for designing a fun baseball t-shirt for the summer (raglan, or other jersey or sport styles):

  • Your son's or daughter's little league team needs team shirts
  • Your social softball league needs team shirts
  • You've designed your own fan art for your favorite baseball team (make sure it's an original design!)
  • You throw a baseball themed party (birthday or otherwise!)

Baseball T-Shirt Design Ideas

Whatever the reason - have fun designing! You can find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards. Need help with anything? You can always call (888-862-2775) or email.

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