*4,553,692,294th Annual Earth Day

It seems like only 365 rotations of the globe ago that the last Earth Day was here. But what if we lived on Mercury? We could celebrate Mercury Day every 88 Earth Days. Did you know that it takes Mercury 176 Earth Days to make 1 rotation? That means 1 Mercurian day is 2 Mercurian years long. So on Mercury, you'd have to celebrate Mercury Day twice a day, every day. Okay, that is hurting my brain. Moving on.

Back on Earth, it's Earth Day again, and we here at INK participated in the 3rd Annual Clean Up Calumet Project. On Friday, April 20th, we took to the streets, fields & woods in our surrounding area picking up trash. A couple hours and a few full garbage bags later we enjoyed a yummy lunch, provided by our neighbor Alpha Source, who hosted the event. A big tree hug to them for that.

Also, on Saturday, April 21st, Milwaukee Riverkeeper hosted their 17th Annual Spring River Cleanup. As part of our "Green Initiative", we were proud to be a corporate sponsor. We even printed the event t-shirts! You have to look good while doin' good, right?

Share your Earth Day stories with us. We'd love to hear them!

Check out some of the pics to the events!

*give or take

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