10 T-shirts + Tips for Seniors Class of 2013

Seniors! Celebrate your final year with class t-shirts. Need ideas? Here are our top 10 slogan ideas for the graduating class of 2013.

  1. 2+0+1=3 The only class that adds up! Class of 2013
  2. Class of 2013. Like a 13OSS
  3. Class of 2013... too cool for the apocalypse
  4. Fine, Fresh & F13RCE
  5. 2013: Tough enough to survive the end of the world
  6. So Fresh and So Clean, We’re the class of 2013
  7. To the end of the world and beyond! Class of 2013
  8. Class of ‘13 here... and your luck just ran out
  9. There’s no luck to it, we’re just that good! Class of 2013
  10. Senior Year: 13RING IT ON

A few design tips:

  • To make your 13 look more ‘B’-like, make sure to choose a font with letters close together that also offers a more rounded 3. Try out Curlmudgeon, Fortune wheel, Headline, Chinese Rocks, Aristotle Punk, Hallandale Stencil, or Cairo
  • Conversely, for a more 'E'-like 3, find something maybe a little more geometric. For example: Olivers Barney, Alien League, or Action Jackson
  • If you’re fixed on a font, but they are still too far apart, try increasing the outline width to fill in a little space

Click here to start your designs and GOOD LUCK :)

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